Tint and Sculpt

Frame your face with sculpted brows and make your eyes pop!  At Domino Beauty Boutique, we know tinting your eyelashes and brows is a quick and easy way to create dramatic, long-lasting results you’ll love. Our professional tint formula emphasizes your eyes, saves you time in the morning and looks so natural! Tinting can last four to six weeks.

Lash Tint | $28
15 minutes

Brow Tint | $20
15 minutes

Brow Wax | $28
15 minutes

Brow Tweezing | $28
15 minutes

Eye Package** | $66
30 minutes

Includes lash and brow tint, and brow wax.


$600, initial session with a complimentary touch up
What is microblading? The microblading process applies pigments into the brow via the microblade, filling in gaps within the brow and creating additional “hair” where needed. Microblading is also known as microstroke, eyebrow embroidery, feathering or 3-D eyebrows. This procedure adds beauty and dimension to the shape of the brow and highlights one of the beautiful components on the face…. your eyes!

*A complimentary touch up is included in your initial service and is highly recommended to achieve your best brows.  You must book between 4 and 8 weeks of initial service to receive this free of charge.

*To book this service, please call the boutique to reserve your time and place a deposit of $150. The deposit will be used toward your balance at the initial appointment.  It is fully refundable with a 48 hour cancellation notice before your appointment time.


Lash Lift | $95
75 mins

Do you love the length of your natural lashes but need a little more “oomph”? Then try a Lash Lift! A Lash Lift is perfect for those who are pleased with the length of their natural lashes but desire a semi-permanent curled lash look. A lift is created at the base of your upper lashes, giving the appearance of a refreshed and awakened eye. Lash tinting is included. Results last an average of 6-8 weeks.

This is not recommended for:
- Highly sensitive eyes.
- Lashes 3/4″ or less.
- Prior history of eye or lash irritation from lash extensions, lash lifting or tints.

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Xtreme Lashes® Extensions

Xtreme Lashes® Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are natural-looking, synthetic eyelashes applied one by one to each individual natural lash. Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions were developed to mimic your natural lashes; its design features a tapered tip with a thicker base to resemble the look and feel of a natural lash. The luxurious natural look of Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions is achieved by a meticulous and artful application of synthetic lashes, all applied one by one to your natural lash by a certified Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylist. 

Volumation Full Set | $350
120 minutes

Full Set | $225
120 minutes

Michelle Full Set** | $275
120 minutes

Demi Set | $115
60 minutes

Michelle Demi Set | $165
60 minutes

Maintenance Lash Fills 
30 minute | $55
Michelle 30 minute fill, $65  
60 minute. |
Michelle 60 minute fill, $85**
90 minute |
Michelle 90 minute fill, $150

Removal | $35
30 minutes

For more information about Xtreme Lashes Extensions, please visit our partner’s site.

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