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What You Should Know About Painters

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It can be difficult to find a professional, reliable painter when you decide to refresh and renovate the outside of your house. Homeowners may decide to take on the task themselves. A professional painter will reduce both the cost and time associated with any internal or external painting job. If you’re looking for express painting services, visit One Man and A Brush for more information.

Considerations to make when you are painting your house include whether or not the entire home will be done, how the surface is prepared and cleaned, what type of paint should be used, and the correct application. It is important to consider the season and weather, as too much sunlight or freezing temperatures could ruin your efforts. Peeling, alligatoring (a process that causes paint to cling), blistering, wrinkles, chalking or mildew are some of the most common issues encountered while painting an exterior house. The right paint can save you time and headaches.

Before moving on, it’s important to take into consideration a number of factors. What type of material does the exterior surface consist of? What kind of finish is desired by the home owner? How was the home painted in the past and what products were used? What is the preferred paint for the contractor? Does he prefer latex or alkyd based paints because of their ease of application?

A painter’s first task is to prepare the house exterior. If the paint is in good condition, a quick hose-wash or more intensive brushing will be required. Check each crevice and corner carefully. Check under the eaves, and around window frames. This initial step can be time-consuming, but the end result will benefit from it. It may be necessary to use liquid removers, liquid paints, or scrape the surface. The best ones also make sure that any rust spots are cleaned, all leaks repaired, the loose caulking replaced, siding cracked is filled and mildew removed.

For the best results, there are several tips and techniques that you can follow to achieve a uniform color. Painters who are professionals will track the position of the sun throughout the day, and if it is possible, paint in the shade once the moisture evaporates. Also, it is important to complete an entire section or side before calling it a day. Splitting up an area may cause uneven drying and layers.

Painting exterior trim is the final and most time-consuming step. Working from top to bottom, using a scraper to remove drips or spatters, painting separately the storm windows, doorknobs, latch plates, cleaning the gutters first, priming them, and choosing the right materials to decorate with, such as metal ornaments or porch railings are all tips to help the paint job look great and go more quickly.